Five Minute Intro to… Three Mile Road


We here at Girl HQ have seen so much incredible talent coming out of North Queensland lately, we thought we’d start bringing it to the world (wide web)! Let us introduce you to the incredible Three Mile Road via the delightfully talented (and exceptionally good-looking) lead vocalist Damien McCluskey…

Who are you, how did you meet and when did you decide to start a band?
The stars aligned and there was a change in the wind, from the lips of a ghost in the Shadow of a unicorns dream… Three Mile Road appeared out of the mist …

If you had to describe your sound and aesthetic to the uninitiated, what would you say?
Hard bluesy Rock and Roll with a few dashes of country woven into the mix.

What’s been your most memorable gig to date, and why?
So many gigs, but so few I can go into detail with while, “on the record”, hahahah!

If you could record a track with any artist living or dead – which track, which artist, and why?
Well, I think there really is only one obvious answer… Garth Brooks covering Nikki Webster’s “Strawberry Kisses”!!! I’d really like to hear how that’d turn out…

What would you say is the most challenging thing for up and coming bands in regional Queensland?
Trying to come up with a really snappy band name. It’s harder than you’d think…

You’re playing Airlie Beach Music Fest this weekend – how did you score the gig?
We won Townsville’s Passport To Airlie Battle of the Bands Competition.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing over the weekend?
King Social and The Koffin Rockers!!!

Where else can we see you in the near future?
You can catch us at the Commonwealth Hotel band night on December 5th and King’s Christmas at the Venue on December 20th.

Can we stalk you online?
If you’d like to hear more from Three Mile Road, you can follow us on Facebook!
You can also find our videos on YouTube.

Any plans for records? Singles? Tours? Festivals?
We’re currently in the process of recording our latest single called, “I Know A Girl”, which we’re hoping to release in early/mid 2015.

Check out Three Mile Road recorded live at The Rec Room in Townsville:

Three Mile Road will be performing at the epic Airlie Beach Music Festival in Airlie Beach this weekend – 74 bands, over a dozen venues, three days of non-stop music in the beautiful Whitsunday sun from November 7-9. For more information and tickets, visit the official festival web site.

If you would like your band to be featured on the site, please contact us via the form in the ‘About Us’ section, send us a message on Facebook or email us direct at girlatarockshow (at) Hotmail (.) com with the subject ‘Band Intro’.

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