D.O.A. Live Across Australia

Canadian hardcore punk pioneers D.O.A. will venture to our shores at the end of next month, for a whirlwind East Coast tour.
One of the greatest punk bands to emerge from the late 1970s, D.O.A. can list amongst their influential contemporaries bands like Black Flag and The Germs, cited as an influence by bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day.
The band coined the term “hardcore” in 1981 with their release Hardcore 81, and their longstanding career has given them the opportunity to address the issues of five decades now, from racism and globalization to freedom of speech.
This will be the last opportunity to see D.O.A. in Australia, as the band retires from an illustrious and colourful career.

Dates and supports are:

  • Thursday April 24
    The Evelyn, Melbourne (Vic)
    with Clowns, No Idea, Dixon Cider
  • Friday April 25
    The Basement, Canberra (ACT)
    with Eye Gouge, Bladder Spasms, Wolfpack
  • Saturday April 26
    Hermann’s Bar, Sydney (NSW)
    with Hostile Objects, Rust, Wolfpack
  • Sunday, April 27
    Prince of Wales, Nundah (QLD)
    with Crooked Face, The Lost Cause, Mouthguard

Tickets are available now from The Drunk Promoter.




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