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This site began as a creative outlet for it’s founder, Jade, but has since become a collective of women (and honorary women) around the globe. What originally began as a purely music-focussed site is expanding to include more comedy, television, movies, pop culture and entertainment as our team expands. You can meet us individually below:


girlI began Girl at a Rock Show in 2011, and made it my full-time job in 2014. I’ve wanted to be a music journalist since I was The Sex Pistols’ tiniest fan in the mid-1980s. I would watch Molly Meldrum on Countdown and want to be like him, except I thought I was too ugly to be on telly. When I discovered Smash Hits and Rolling Stone I realised I could interview bands and write about them. I began my music journalism career in 2001, and have since written for Cleo, Girlfriend, Jmag, Hysteria Magazine, News Corp dailies and street press. I’m on staff at Music Feeds and training to be a radio announcer at Star FM. On weekends you can usually find me working at a gig or chilling with my dogs, binge-watching Netflix.


41521075_2208870752491730_3974503765817425920_oI am an unashamed supporter of Australian music (think: The Amity Affliction, British India, In Hearts Wake), an avid collector of tattoos and Batman/Joker comics. I am adept at making cosplays I never really wear because North Queensland doesn’t present a lot of opportunities to wear them, but they make good fodder for Jade to practise her photography skills on so it’s kind of  a win-win.




meg28 – Brisbane – Paramedic student – Mum of 1 ratbag – Batman – Skulls – Lego – Music: Heavy, Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative, Hardcore, Emo, Grunge, Indie.




Ava Jane

Capture__2018-02-23-16-48-27Eight-year old Ava Jane has an old rock ‘n’ roll soul. Though she enjoys a variety of genres spanning multiple decades, she lists The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, and other classic rock artists among her favorites. Her current favorite song is the Johnny Cash cover of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails. Her other interests include Minecraft, Roblox, dancing, soccer, and parkour.




54435981_2147983208847164_7390992899363569664_nMy name is Brittany and I live in Melbourne.
You’ll likely see me squeezing into tight spaces and shooting from barrier platforms because I’m a wheelchair user and it’s too fat to fit in a pit!
I’m a lover of pop punk and a good hair flick shot. I also appreciate some good eye candy.
I used to shoot babies, but now I shoot music instead, and only shoot babies on the side.
I’ll do anything for the shot, and refuse to let a wheelchair stop me.

We were shortlisted for Australia’s Top 50 Influencer Awards in 2017!


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