Neck Tattoo = No Service?

A popular South Australian entertainment venue has come under attack today for asking a patron to cover his visible neck tattoo or leave.

Social media is on fire about the incident, which happened at Adelaide’s Alma Tavern on Saturday night.
Andrew Lester, a 30-year old business owner and father of three, was celebrating an employee’s 40th birthday when two security guards approached the group and asked Lester to cover up the tattoo on his neck, which reads “Love is Blind” in honour of his young daughter, Juno, who is blind.

Lester chose to leave the establishment, but later complained to management, who responded with a message apologising if Lester was embarrassed by the incident, but reiterated their apparently strict dress code stipulates, ‘no neck tattoos.’
“We feel we do not need to explain the reasoning behind our dress code policies, they are simply the set of rules that apply to any person wishing to attend our entertainment events at the hotel,” the message said.

Social media comments are supporting both arguments, however many regulars say female patrons with visible neck tattoos are left alone, while males are often asked to cover up or leave.
“Another female at the same table with a neck tattoo didn’t receive the same policy treatment,” Mrs Lester posted on Facebook.

On local paper The Advertiser’s Facebook page, Tom Christiansen, who claimed to be an ex-manager of the Alma Tavern, and current manager elsewhere, said he put the policy in place because “when there was trouble at the Alma, there was invariably a neck tattoo involved.”

“The Alma is not anti-tattoo,” he wrote.
“Unfortunately, neck tattoos are a current statement of choice for a certain segment of the population that are undesirable in a busy, crowded area where people are consuming alcohol.
“Sometimes the only option is to create a rule and apply it to the whole population, than to try and target individuals.”

Well, we certainly hope these people never try to play a gig or eat a meal at the Alma…

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Pharrell Williams

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Travis Barker

What do you think? Too far or fair enough? What does this mean for music fans attending a gig in a venue with this kind of dress code? If you have paid good money for a meal or entertainment, should you be required to leave if you’re not causing trouble? Leave your comments here, or visit us on Facebook.

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